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A Little About the Congregation:
Our church expects the Pastor to share leadership with the congregation, making use of their many talents. Plans are formulated by the responsible commission or committee and presented to the congregation for approval as necessary. Decisions are communicated formally and informally, through the worship service, newsletter, telephone calls, bulletin boards/posters.
Being an older congregation, we are influenced by history and tradition. Social issues are approached through education, and action is left to the individual. We are a theologically diverse congregation, with individuals having beliefs that vary from somewhat conservative to liberal.
There is strong support for American Baptist local, regional, and national organizations, as well as local, national and world missions. Our church has long been active in supporting ABC/USA both with our money and our service. We concur with the denomination's basic beliefs of soul freedom, autonomy of the local church, believer's baptism, and separation of church and state.

First Baptist Church
22800 56th Ave. W.
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-3922
(425) 778-2046
Last Modified
18 August 2005
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