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Sermons of 2007 through 2015
From the Pastor, Dennis Plourde

2007 April 29: "Who Are You Listening To?", May 6: "Easier Said Than Done", May 13: "Stupid Questions", May 20: "Asking For Us – The Prayer of Jesus", May 27: "Chasing or Following After the Wind".
A series based on First Baptist's Vision Statement: June 3: "Our Vision", June 10: "How Does Our Garden Grow?", June 17: "Grace, Peace and Joy", June 24: "Being the Church".
July 1: "WHO?", July 8: "God Encounters", July 15: "Desperate Prayers", July 22: "What God Sees", July 29: "Hungry Lions", August 5: "132 Days Left".
A series looking at the parables of Jesus through Eastern ears/eyes: August 12: "A House Divided", August 19: "When Pig Food Looks Good", August 26: "A Father's Love",
September 2: "Why Such Love?", September 9: "The Highest Authority", September 16: "Reconciliation NOT Wanted", September 23: "Banquets, Invitations and Excuses", September 30: "Unexpected Prayers", October 7: "Confident JOY".
Visiting Missionary, the Rev. John Armagost, from Japan: October 14: "A Story of Changed Lives",
October 21: "For All the Wrong Reasons", October 28: "Complete Joy",
November 4: "The Ultimate Workout", November 11: "Faithful Friends", November 18: "Marathon Faith", November 25: "Whatever!",
December 9: "Jesse's Branch", December 16: "It's A Boy!", December 23: "God is Here!", December 24: "A Manger Bed", December 30: "The Living Word"

2008 January 6, January 13, January 20, January 27, February 3, February 10, February 17, February 24, March 2, March 9, March 16, March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13, April 20, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22, June 25, July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 31, September 7, September 14, September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, October 26, November 2, November 16, November 23, November 30, December 7, December 14, December 21, December 28

2009 A series based on the letters to the seven churches: "I Know Your Actions", "I Know Your Afflictions", "I Know Your Faithfulness", "I Know Your Growth", "I Know Your Real Name", "I Know Your Endurance", "I Know Your Future".
A series in preparation for Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter): "Sackcloth and Ashes", "For This I Prayed", "Preparation", "Stop! Ask Directions", "Answers", "Garden Prayers", "How Did It Come to This?", "You are Witnesses".
After Easter: "Do We Still Doubt?", "Yeah!  So What!", "Seriously, Now" (The Royal official from Capernaum shares his experiences with Jesus).
A series on the Book of I Peter: "Enough Already!", "Obedient & Having Fun", "Spiritual Houses", "God Bless You", "Stewards of Grace", "Who Do You Think You Are?", "Shepherding 101".
July: "Building Up By Tearing Down", "It Is Enough!".
August: "God's Gift", "We Are Still Growing", "Running Away", "My Beloved" (Text) or (Audio).
September, a series from Mark's Gospel: "Outside the Box" (Text), "Who Do You Say He Is?" (Text) or (Audio), "Welcome!" (Text), "Salt & Peace" (Text).
October: "Reflecting God's Glory" (Text) or (Audio), "Establishing Justice" (Text) or (Audio), "Burden Bearers" (Text) or (Audio), "Forever" (Text).
November: "When You..." (Text), "A Widow's Faith" (Text), "Going Boldly" (Text) (Audio), "Who Told You?" (Text) (Audio).
Advent: "Is He Coming?" (Text) (Audio), "A Father's Prayer" (Text) (Audio), "Mary's Song" (Text) (Audio), "Proclaiming Promises" (Text) (Audio), "Christmas Hearts" (Text) (Audio).

2010 January: "Renewal" (Text) (Audio), "A Strange Request" (Text) (Audio), "Party Time" (Text) (Audio), "Rejection" (Text), "Our Way: LOVE" (Text).
February: "Jesus Calling" (Text), "The Blessed of God" (Text).
Preparation for Easter: "Beyond Expectations" (Text) (Audio), "Minding Our Own Business" (Text) (Audio), "Finding Faith" (Text) (Audio), "Do We Ever Learn?" (Text), "Who's Counting?" (Text) (Audio), "Would We Recognize Him?" (Text) (Audio), "Amazing!" (Text) (Audio).
April: "Look!" (Text) (Audio), "What Do You Hear?" (Text) (Audio), "These Are They..." (Text) (Audio).
May: "Take and Eat" (Text) (Audio), "Helping Hands" (Text), "What Do They Say About Us?" (Text) (Audio), "How Can He Say That?" (Text) (Audio), "Who is Speaking?" (Text) (Audio).
June: "Two Widows" (Text), "Who Are these Women?" (Text) (Audio), "What Have You Done for Me Today?" (Text) (Audio), "Looking Back or Going Forward" (Text) (Audio).
July: "Guided by the Word" (Text) (Audio), "It is the Right Thing to Do" (Text) (Audio), "Sarah, Mary and Martha" (Text) (Audio).
August: "The Tragedy of Faith" (Text) (Audio), "Freedom" (Text) (Audio), "Celebrations: God Style!" (Text) (Audio).
September: "God's Claymation" (Text), "A God of Grace" (Text), "What IS Jesus Saying?" (Text) (Audio), "God's Accounting" (Text) (Audio).
October: "In Whom Do We Trust?" (Text) (Audio), "Endurance 101" (Text), "Heeding Paul's Words" (Text), "The Promise" (Text), "Whatever it Takes" (Text) (Audio).
November: "The God of Now" (Text) (Audio), "Stage Coach Christians" (Text)(Audio), "We Give Thanks" (Text).
Advent: "And He Will Be Called..." (Text), "And He Will Be Called..." (Text), "And He Will Be Called..." (Text), "And He Will Be Called..." (Text), "And He Will Be Called..." (Text).

2011 January: "Close to God's Heart" (Text) (Audio), "Scorned and Welcomed" (Text) (Audio), "What Are You Looking For?" (Text) (Audio), "Changing..." (Text) (Audio), "The Blessed of God" (Text).
February: "Acts of Worship" (Text), "What Have You Heard Lately?" (Text), "Law or Gospel?" (Text) (Audio), "Turn Off Your Blackberry!" and "Remember Your 'Spritual Toast Sticks'!" (Audio).
March: "And In Conclusion" (Text) (Audio), "I Didn't Do It!" (Text) (Audio), "By Faith Abraham..." (Text), "God's Pasture" (Text) (Audio).
April: "God's Chosen" (Text) (Audio), "Impossible!" (Text), "Open the Gates!" (Text), "Resurrected!" (Text).
May: "Do We Need to Know More?" (Text) (Audio), "A Mother's Love" (Text), "Examples!" (Text), "Alive and Chosen" (Text), "Never Alone" (Text).
June: "Rivers of God" (Text), "Finally!" (Text), "What Do You Have?" (Text).
July: "Pleasing No One!" (Text), "God's Responsibility" (Text), "Pillows, Dreams and Ladders" (Text), "Wisdom in Prayer" (Text), "For I Have Seen ..." (Text).
August: "Faith in Dark Times" (Text).
September: "Bumps in the Night" (Text), Diane's Story: "Why Do You Keep Saving Me?" (Text), "Are We Ever Pleased?" (Text), "By Whose Authority?" (Text).
October: "Parables of Unfaithfulness" (Text), "God's Parties & Ours" (Text), "What Belongs to God?" (Text), "Greatness Squared" (Text).
November: "Who Do We Serve?" (Text), "Expectations" (Text), "The Least of These" (Text).
Advent: "We Are ALL God's People" (Text), "Mary & Joseph" (Text), "Preparing the Way" (Text), "Generation to Generation" (Text), "And Word Became...", "Songs from the Manger".

2012 January: "Ancient Traditions" (Text), "Preparing for Another Day" (Text), "If You Say So" (Text), "Gone Fishing" (Text), "Where Is the Other Side of the Boat?" (Text).
February: "Where's Jesus?" (Text), "I Do Choose" (Text), "Desperate Measure" (Text), "God Wants You" (Text).
March: "Is It Lawful?" (Text), "From Now On" (Text), "An Angry Jesus" (Text), "The Coming Light" (Text).
April: "The Lord has need of it" (Text), "God Wins!" (Text), "Our Advocate" (Text), "What Do We Know?" (Text), "Abiding Love" (Text).
May: "Perfect Love" (Text), "A Complete Joy" (Text), "A Prayer" (Text), "Dry Bones - No Problem!" (Text).
June: "Handle With Care" (Text), "When We Do Things Our Way" (Text), "Father Abraham", Rev. William Clarke (Audio), "In Whose Image?" (Text).
July: "If Only..." (Text), "Who Is This Man?" (Text), "Dancing in the Streets" (Text), "No Longer Aliens" (Text), "What Causes You to Pray?" (Text).
August: "Sir, Give Us This Bread" (Text), "Cleaning the Soul" (Text), "The Other Brother", Rev. Richard K. Gibson (Audio), "The Mysteries of God", Rev. Richard K. Gibson (Audio).
September: "Intentions!" (Text), "Just the Crumbs" (Text), "Stirring the Waters" (Text), "Earthly or Heavenly Minded" (Text), "Cups of Water" (Text).
October: "Childlike Faith" (Text), "If We Only Knew..." (Text), "Asking the Wrong Questions" (Text), "Have Mercy" (Text).
November: "Resurrection Living" (Text), "Widows and Faith" (Text), "I Have Asked of the Lord" (Text), "Forever" (Text).
December: "Considering Greatness" (Text), "Impossible Possibilities" (Text), "Time" (Text), "Songs in the Night" (Text), "A note to God: Thanks for the Gift" (Audio)
The Rev. Richard K. Gibson, Preaching.

2013 January: "Where Is He?" (Text); "Who Is He?" (Text); "He Gave ..." (Text); "He Taught ..." (Text).
February: "Hearing and Responding" (Text); "Beginning the Journey" (Text); "Prophetic Woes" (Text); "The Hardest Lesson" (Text).
March: "Come, Eat, Drink" (Text); "Endings and Beginnings" (Text); "A New Beginning" (Text); "If They Only Knew" (Text); "Lions and Lambs" (Text).
April: "Who Stopped the Party?" (Text); "Not THIS Man!" (Text); "Peter and Faith" (Text); "Moving Forward" (Text).
May: "Come and Help" (Text); "The Waiting Game" (Text); "When We Try to be Like God" (Text); "Lifelong Learning" (Text).
June: "A King's Prayer" (Text); "In the Spirit of Elijah" (Text); "We Are All In the Same Boat" (Text); "Contrasting Desires" (Text).
July: "Naaman's Stumbling Block" (Text); "Difficult Decisions" (Text); "The Scope of Reconciliation" (Text); "How Do You Knock on a Door?" (Text).
August: "Chasing the Wind" (Text).
September: "The Decision is Yours Alone" (Text); "What Can Wash Away My Sins?" (Text); "The Word of the Lord" (Text); "As Lovely as a Tree", The Rev. Deborah Kamm, Preaching; "Equal Before God" (Text).
October: "Separation Anxiety" (Text); "A Surprising Investment Policy" (Audio), Dr. A. Roy Medley, General Secretary, ABC/USA, Preaching; "Independent or Inter-dependent" (Text); "Humbly Exalted" (Text).
November: "Jesus & Sinners" (Text), "Questions, Questions, Questions" (Text), "No Time Like the Present" (Text), "Our Only King" (Text).
December: "What Are We Waiting For?" (Text), "A Kingdom in Peace" (Text), "Be Strong, Do Not Fear" (Text), "Joseph's Faith" (Text).

2014 January: "The Awe of Worship" (Text); "A Confirming Moment" (Text); "Following the Lamb" (Text); "Who Do You Belong To?" (Text).
Februsry: "That You May Know" (Text); "A Challenge From Jesus" (Text); "Anger Management" (Text); "On Being Perfect" (Text).
March: "Waiting" (Text), "The Problem of 'No'" (Text), "Caller ID" (Text), "A Difficult Calling" (Text), "Who is He, Sir?" (Text).
April: "A Community Challenge" (Text), "King or Revolutionary?" (Text), "Resurrection Instructions" (Text), "Who to Believe" (Text).
May: "In the Breaking of the Bread", a Dedication of new Sanctuary Lighting (Audio), "Gate Keepers" (Text), "Greater Works?" (Text), "Never Alone" (Text).
June: "Lessons to Learn" (Text), "Promises" (Text), "It Was Good" (Text), "God is Faithful Even When We Are Not" (Text), "Servants" (Text).
July: "What Do We Want?" (Text), "Hearing and Responding" (Text), "Jacob's Dream" (Text), "Kingdom Images" (Text).
August: "Jacob and Jesus" (Text), "Get Out of the Boat" (Text), "What Did You Say?" (Text).
September: "Fulfilling the Law" (Text), "The Shoes of Another" (Text), "Another View of Grace" (Text), "Fear and Trembling" (Text).
October: "Holding On" (Text), "Focusing On..." (Text), "Still Asking Questions" (Text), "More Questions" (Text).
November: "God's Children" (Text), "Lost Opportunities" (Text), "Encouraging One Another" (Text), "Blessings and Thanks" (Text).
Advent: "The Assurance" (Text), "Shepherding 101" (Text), "Voices in the Desert" (Text), "A House Forever" (Text).

2015 January: "Keeping the Faith" (Text), "Beginning Steps" (Text), "Called" (Text), "After the Fish" (Text).
February: "Acknowledging Jesus" (Text), "On Eagles Wings" (Text), "Listen" (Text), "Rainbows & Promises" (Text).
March: "Mind Setting" (Text), "His House" (Text), "Created For..." (Text), "Seeking Jesus" (Text), "Open the Gates!" (Text).
April: "Easter, Our Hope" (Text), "Thomas' Faith" (Text), "Joy and Disbelief" (Text), "A Good Shepherd" (Text).
May: "Connected" (Text), "Job Title" (Text), "Jesus Prays" (Text), "God's AAA" (Text), "Here Am I, Send Me" (Text).
June: "Keeping On Keeping On" (Text), "Ho! Ho! Ho!" (Text).
July: "The Word of the Lord" (Text), "Mysteries Revealed" (Text), "What God Can Do!" (Text), "Rowing in the Storm" (Text).
August: "Complaining 101" (Text), "Bread of Life" (Text), "Praise the Lord" (Text), "To Whom Can We Go?" (Text), "What Traditions Get in the Way" (Text).
September: "Grace Needed" (Text), "Stop Talking!" (Text), "Children" (Text), "Try Prayer" (Text).
October: "Reflecting God's Glory" (Text), "Someone Who Understands" (Text), "Greatness" (Text), "Persistent Faith" (Text).
November: "Needing Help" (Text), "Lessons in Giving" (Text), "No Longer Needed" (Text), "In Giving Thanks" (Text).
Advent: "A Season for..." (Text), "The Promise" (Text), "Jumping for JOY" (Text), "Growing Up" (Text).

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